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New discoveries and scientific advances increasingly support the planetary history found in The Urantia Book. UBtheNEWS documents this emerging and unique pattern of credibility.

The middle third of The Urantia Book recounts planetary history, and the authors claim that the "historic facts . . . will stand on the records of the ages to come." When it was first published in 1955, much of its history was at odds with scholarship or not even considered yet. The section on human history spans one million years and includes detailed information about genetic changes, human migrations, and the development of civilization.

New archaeological discoveries and scientific advances in genetics and geophysics are especially helpful in lending support to The Urantia Book's account of planetary history.

The Urantia Book's emerging and unique quality of credibility is unprecedented. As well, the quality of its content is unparalleled. This site is intended for people who are new to the book. Though our reports focus on very limited portions, primarily dealing with the section on world history, we hope you find this site helpful in your early exploration of The Urantia Book and that it inspires you to read the whole book. You can find an overview of The Urantia Book on the New Visitors page.

Click here to watch excerpts from a presentation given to a World Religions class at Denison University in Ohio. This video provides a general introduction to the subject, an explanation of the Garden of Eden Report, and answers to questions from the students.
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UBtheNEWS is a family operated project that welcomes participation and support. Along with providing introductory and other educational information, we document The Urantia Book’s emerging and unique quality of credibility to encourage exploration of the whole book. This project does not receive support from the publishers of The Urantia Book or any other Urantia Book-related organizations.



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