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Timeline of New Discovieries

UBtheNEWS timeline Urantia BookThe last ten years of new discoveries and scientific advances have been especially good to The Urantia Book. This timeline provides an encapsulated survey of how we are increasingly catching up to its historic and scientific information.

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Video Library:

urantia book ubthenews video science historyClick here to view a list of educational videos that have been created to help you get an overview of the reports and other topics of interest related to The Urantia Book and the UBtheNEWS project.



Other Topical Studies


Language and Dates

"Urantia" Etymology (short video)

Etymology  (written guide)

Jesus' Birthday(short paper)

History of Life(short paper)

Permissions and Restrictions

Click hereto learn about the claims made by authors of The Urantia Book.

Eugenics and Race

Eugenics, Race, and The Urantia Book (120-page paper)


General Study Aids

Logical Consistency vs Personal

Creativity (1 hr. video, highly recommended)

Fundamental Patterns of Reality

(short paper)

3-Fold Unity (chart)

Fear to Love (chart)






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