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Inner Ionosphere Summary
[Updated 4/13/07]
Ionosphere atmosphere blue jets red sprites lightening ions In discussing earth's atmosphere, The Urantia Book states the following, "The lower five or six miles of the earth's atmosphere is the troposphere; this is the region of winds and air currents which provide weather phenomena. Above this region is the inner ionosphere and next above is the stratosphere." Urantia Book enthusiasts and critics alike have long considered this statement to be a mistake because the longstanding understanding of the earth's atmosphere has been that the ionosphere exists above the stratosphere.

However, in the late 1980's and early 1990's, over thirty years after The Urantia Book's publication, observation of "blue jets" were conclusively documented and accepted as an atmospheric condition. Notwithstanding that this phenomenon is still not well understood, what has been learned about blue jets indicates that there must be an ionospheric layer below the stratosphere. Blue jets form above thunderclouds and often reach a height of about 25 miles above sea level. The long-recognized ionosphere, which exists above the stratosphere, begins at around 30 miles above sea level.

Calculations based on videos taken of blue jets, as well as other associated research, indicate that the ionic condition necessary to create their luminescent quality could not have its source in the thunderclouds over which they occur.

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Magnetic Sensitivity Summary
[Updated 8/15/08]
magnetic north whales bees sharks magnetite human sensitivity biologists cows

The Urantia Book states that all organisms have a biologic sensitivity to the earth's magnetic field and that this sensitivity is right on the edge of human consciousness. At the time of its publication in 1955, scientists did not generally believe that biologic organisms could have a mechanism that is sensitive to such a subtle electromagnetic field. Now many migratory and nonmigratory animals have been found to possess such sensitivity and some researchers assert that human beings also can sense the earth's magnetic field.

The Urantia Book asserts that the "bodies" responsible for this sensitivity were being discovered right around the time of The Urantia Book's narration, which it asserts was in the mid 1930's. In the mid 1930's scientists did discover that ampullae in a sharks snout had tiny inner ear type hairs and that there were nerves running from these ampullae to the brain. They could also tell that sharks were sensitive to electric fields. But it took until the 1960's to discover that the mechanism in these ampullae were extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Additionally, “In the 1960s, Caltech paleoecologist Heinz Lowenstam startled biologists and geologists alike with the discovery that many animals do what conventional science had considered impossible: they manufacture substances such as the iron-containing mineral magnetite [the most magnetically sensitive mineral on earth] within their bodies. Out of Lowenstam's work came the more recent finding that many migratory animals, including birds, bees, and whales, generate magnetite within their bodies and may owe their uncanny homing instincts to the presence of this "internal compass" that allows them to navigate by means of Earth's magnetic field.” Today, various biological mechanism have been discovered that play a role in allowing many different types of animals to be sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field.

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Sierra Mountains Summary
[Updated 6/29/08]
Sierra Mountains kaolinite deuterium A longstanding controversy has existed over when the Sierra Mountains were formed. Two schools of thought developed, referred to as the Old Sierras and the New Sierras theories. The Old Sierras theory holds that the Sierra Mountains formed about 50 million years ago; the New Sierras theory asserts that they are only about 5 million years old. Though the controversy is not entirely laid to rest by research published in 2006, this new approach to dating the mountains employs a technology that is much more specific than previous methodologies and has been widely accepted as reliable when used in other applications. The results are harmonious with the Old Sierras theory and what was asserted by The Urantia Book in 1955.

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Shroud of Turin Summary
[Updated 04/30/08]shroud of turin jesus sudarium oviedo corona nuclear imaging
The Shroud of Turin Report is distinct from all the other UBtheNEWS reports. Typically, reports reflect The Urantia Book's unique quality of credibility; they demonstrate how science has caught up to it. In this case, given the broader context of all the reports published on UBtheNEWS, if anything, The Urantia Book gives more credibility to the authenticity of Shroud of Turin than the other way around.

The Urantia Book says the angels performed a time-accelerated elemental disintegration of Jesus' body and this has intriguing correlations with the image found on the Shroud of Turin. It says that Jesus' resurrected body was like that of angels and that his physical body still lay in the tomb after the resurrection and that the angels were given permission, upon request of an archangel, to cause the accelerated dissolution of his physical remains. This permission was requested and granted so that they would not have to witness the decay of his body. The correlations have primarily to do with the superficial nature of the image and current theories about corona discharge and nuclear medicine imaging . Additionally, there are intriguing correlations related to the Sudarium of Oviedo, a face napkin said to have covered Jesus' face as part of the burial process.

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