Eugenics, Race, and The Urantia Book

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Prepared by Halbert Katzen, J.D. with ongoing editorial support from Andrew Myers and Claire Miller. Chris Halvorson, Ph.D. assisted on Appendix 1.

[Originally published 1/1/11, revised 12/23/14]

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Table of Contents

Part I: Framing the Conversation

1) Purpose and Parameters

2) Setting the Standard

3) Terminology

4) Human Rights

Part II: Racial History, Eugenics, and Civilization

5) History and Destiny

6) The Value of Variety and Racial Vitality

7) Cultural Progress, Overpopulation, and Subnormal Human Beings

8) Modern Peoples and Slavery

Part III: Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight

9) Skull Shapes and Skeletal Types

10) Aryans and Whites

11) Differences Between the Colored Races

12) Racial Blending

13) Eugenics, Race, and Morality

Appendix 1: Urantia Book-based Taxonomy



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