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Abaddon (ah bad on). Chief of staff for the Planetary Prince, Caligastia. Abaddon chose to follow Caligastia's lead and join the rebellion at the time of its occurrence approximately 200,000 years ago. 53:1.5

Etymology: late 14c., used in Rev. ix:11 of "the angel of the bottomless pit," and by Milton of the pit itself, from Heb. Abhaddon "destruction," from abhadh "he perished." The Greek form was Apollyon.

abandonters (ah band on ters). An order of beings residing on Uversa, created by unrevealed agents of the Ancients of Days and the seven Reflective Spirits. 37:9.8

absoluta (ab soh lew' tah). Space potency; a phase of force-energy which is a prereality, considered to be the free space presence of the Unqualified Absolute, and is responsive only to the grasp of the Universal Father. 42:2.6

absolutum (ab soh lew' tum). Materialistic composition of Paradise not found elsewhere in creation. 11:2.6.

absonite (ab' sun ite). Level of reality between the finite and the absolute which is characterized by things and beings without beginning or ending and by time/space transcendence. 0:1.12// 0:9.1// 10:5.5// 30:1.14// 31:9.1

absoniters (ab' sun eye ters). Eventuated beings existing on the absonite level. 0:1.12

absonitize (ab sahn' i tize). To come into existence on the absonite level. 0:1.12

absonity (ab sahn' i tee) . The absonite level of reality. 0:1.12

adam, eden, tree of lifeAdam and Eve  Genetics research increasingly supports statements about Adam and Eve and the migration of their descendants.

See the Adam and Eve Report

Adamites (ad' am ites). 1. The Material Sons and Daughters, the Adams and Eves; a reproducing form of Sonship, created by the Creator Son, who function mainly on the system capital (see Jerusem and pages 580-588) . 2. The progeny of Adam and Eve on Urantia, the violet race, especially that centered in the second garden under the leadership of Jansad after the death of Adam (see Jansad). 78:0.1

Adamson (ad' am son). The first-born son of Adam and Eve on Urantia born in approximately 35,900 B.C. 74:6.2

Adamsonites (ad' am son ites). The descendents of Adamson and Ratta. 77:5.1

adjutant mind-spirits  The functioning of mind, even in primitive animals, is described as leading to ministry in those minds by the local universe Mother Spirit, through the adjutant mind-spirits. The book says that the adjutants are difficult to describe, that they should not be regarded as entities, much less personalities, but are more like circuits. Seven types are described. As material mind evolves, more of the adjutants are able to function. In order of appearance of activity, the adjutants are: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom. The ability of a mind to receive ministry from the spirit of worship "is the badge of spiritual-ascension candidacy" and differentiates a creature from soulless animals. Andon and Fonta are described as the first evolutionary mortals on Urantia where the adjutants of worship and wisdom were able to function.

agondonters (agg ahn don' ters). Ascending will creatures from planets spiritually isolated by rebellion, and who, therefore, have gained valuable experience in the exercise of faith and the development of confidence in cosmic reliability, for they must learn to believe without seeing. 50:7.1

Etymology: It's all about the mental struggle for victory (agon) at the masters level (don) for these "gamers" (ters).

"agony": late 14c., "mental suffering" (especially that of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane), from O.Fr. agonie, agoine "anguish, terror, death agony" (14c.), and directly from L.L. agonia, from Gk. agonia "a (mental) struggle for victory," originally "a struggle for victory in the games," from agon "assembly for a contest," from agein "to lead" (see act (n.)). Sense of "extreme bodily suffering" first recorded c.1600.

"don" (noun): 1520s, from Sp. or Port. don, title of respect, from L. dominus "lord, master." The university sense is c.1660, originally student slang; underworld sense is 1952, from It. don, from L.L. domnus, from L. dominus (see domain). The fem. form is Dona (Spanish/Portuguese), Donna (Italian).

Alvoring (al' vor ing). A local universe neighbor of Nebadon. 32:2.12

Amadon (am' ah don). A human descendant of Andon and Fonta who was the loyal associate of Van in advocating the rejection of Lucifer's Manifesto approximately 200,000 years ago. 67:8.1

Etymology: The one who (A) works together with (ama) the leader (don). Amadon worked together loyally with Van during and after the Lucifer rebellion.

By Chris Halvorson: "the together (ama) leader (don), referring to is loyal service at Van's side during and after the Lucifer rebellion."

Amadonites (am' ah don ites). The 88 Andonites of mortal status who remained loyal to Van and Amadon during the Lucifer rebellion. 67:6.3

Amenemope (ah men e moh' puh). An Egyptian teacher and seer who, in the post-Melchizedek period (see Machiventa), taught among other things that God-consciousness is the main factor which determines conduct. 95:4.1

Amenhotep (ah men hoh' tep). An Egyptian ruler who lived in 1,500 B.C. and who had an understanding of the soul and spirit as separate indwelling aspects for favored individuals. 111:0.5

Amosad (am' o sad). A leader of the Sethite priesthood who lived in approximately 15,000 B.C. see Seth). 78:5.1

Anaxand (an' ax and). A young Greek shipyard worker who was taught by Jesus in A.D. 22 about how he might overcome the evil of his unjust foreman with good. 130:2.4

Ancients of Days  Powerful celestial beings that are the highest rulers of the superuniverses. Only 21 are in existence, with three stationed at the headquarters of each superuniverse. The Ancients of Days are the beings who make the final judgment as to whether a given mortal survives death or not for eternal advancement.

Andites (an' dites). A human race derived from the impregnation of the best human strains (especially Nodite) with Adamic life plasm. 76:4.8

Andon (an' don). The first male human being, whose initial expression of human will choice occurred when he was ten years old, in 991,474 B.C. Andon was killed during an earthquake 32 years later at the age of 42. (See Fonta) 63:0.1

Etymology: The one who (A) is the first and original (an) human leader (don). Andon was the first male human being.

By Chris Halvorson: "the first (an) true human man (don)."

Andonic (an don' ick). Of or pertaining to the Andonites. 63:4.1

Andonites (an' doh nites). The first primitive human beings descended from and including Andon and Fonta. 63:3.3

Andovontia (an doh vahn' chah). The name of the tertiary Universe Circuit Supervisor stationed in our local universe. 37:8.3

Andronover (an drahn' oh ver). The spiral nebula from which our solar system was born. 15:3.6

Ang (like ang in anger). One of the 100 corporeal members of the staff of the Planetary Prince, Caligastia. The members of this corporeal corps were ascendant mortals who had reached Jerusem and who volunteered to be separated from their Adjusters to serve on Urantia in this capacity. Ang was the head of the council on food and material welfare. 66:5.2

Angamon (ang' ah mon). A leader of the Stoics in Rome with whom Jesus talked about true values sometime during A.D. 22-23. 132:1.1

Angona (an goh' nah). A massive stellar system whose passage near our sun helped create our solar system (see Monmatia). 41:10.1

Etymology: By Chris Halvorson: "the primary (an) generator (gon-) [of the solar system]."

Anova (ah noh' vah). The oldest inhabited world of the system of Satania, the system to which our planet, Urantia, also belongs. 49:0.5

Ascendington (ah sen' ding ton). One of seven sacred satellite spheres of the Father in circuit around Paradise. This particular world is the rendezvous sphere for the ascendant creatures of time who are traversing Havona on the way to Paradise. 13:1.21

Etymology: By Chris Halvorson: "the ascendant-kind town."

Assuntia (as sun' chah). A neighboring local system in the constellation of Norlatiadek. 41:2.1

Avalon (av' ah lon). A local universe neighbor of Nebadon. 32:2.12 The first group of seraphim created in Nebadon were trained by a corps of seraphim from Avalon. 38:5.1; a volunteer commission of surgeons from Avalon directed the implantation of Andonic life plasm into the material bodies prepared for use by the Jerusem ascendant mortals who volunteered for service as the 100 corporeal members of Prince Caligastia's staff. 66:2.4

Avonals (av' on als). One of three descending orders of revealed Paradise Sons of God; also known as Magisterial Sons. 20:1.1




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