Special Message to Those Unfamiliar with The Urantia Book

There is a lot that can be said about The Urantia Book because it is over 2000 pages long and covers a lot of different topics- theology, cosmology, philosophy, the history of our planet, and the ENTIRE life and teachings of Jesus. The book says the name of our planet is Urantia, which etymologically means "(y)our place in the heavens." Some things said about Jesus in The Urantia Book are consistent with what is said in the Bible and some things are not. But this is not the place for that topic.

UBtheNEWS is primarily about documenting in unique quality of credibility that is emerging with The Urantia Book. New discoveries and scientific advances are increasingly catching up to information in the book that was either inconsistent with scholarship at the time of its publication in 1955 or not yet even considered. The internal consistency of The Urantia Book comes from its claim that angels were the authors.

Naturally, people who appreciate The Urantia Book love the teachings that are presented about theology, philosophy, and the life of Jesus. These are exquisite parts of the book to be sure. It is fair to say that these are the most important parts of the book. But they are not what UBtheNEWS is about or for.

UBtheNEWS is about the historic and scientific information in The Urantia Book and the degree to which this information is corroborated by the various academic disciplines.

At the time it was published, scientists and scholars generally accepted some of the scientific and historical information in The Urantia Book as true. Some of the things it says were in conflict with science and scholarship, but have since become corroborated. Some of it was considered correct by only a very small minority at the time of publication, but has now become widely accepted as correct. And some of the things it said remain undiscovered and/or inconsistent with current science and scholarship.

UBtheNEWS is here to document and share the emerging and phenomenal pattern of corroborations that are steadily emerging.

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