How We Operate and Who We Are

How We Operate

UBtheNEWS is provided as a public service. It is an independent family-run project without any financial or organizational ties to publishers of The Urantia Book or any of the several larger associations known for their global organization of Urantia Book readers.

We feel our organizational independence is important for keeping the presentation of this scholarship as free as possible from the influence of social politics and other associations that have nothing to do with the fundamental nature of this work.

We are not an independently wealthy family. Contributions are essential to the progress of this project. If you find this work valuable, please do what you can to support it.

Who We Are

Halbert Katzen

Halbert, the creator/director of UBtheNEWS, officially lauched the project in January of 2007. He continues to do most of the research and writing for the reports. Halbert's interest in The Urantia Book started in 1981.

Click here to read Halbert's resume.

Click here to access a page that provides a list of videos, books, articles, and music that he has appeared in, written, and recorded.

Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio Urantia UBtheNEWSJoe is a student of The Urantia Book since 1993 and has served in the community in various capacities since 2006. He is currently hosting a small study group and maintains as a means of advertising the availability of unaffiliated study groups, especially in his home town.
His service to UBtheNEWS centers around our website design and hosting.


Donna Whelan


Donna Whelan discovered The Urantia Book in 1993 and has been enthusiastically involved with study groups ever since. Taking after her father, who was a proofreader for the L.A. Times, Donna proofreads most of the reports and much of the other material on this website. She and her husband, Larry, live in Temple City, California and have been wonderfully supportive of the UBtheNEWS project since we began in January 2007.


Resumes of people who prepare reports: click here.




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