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Why UBtheNEWS?

The Urantia Book is developing a unique quality of credibility regarding its relationship to history and science. For over fifty years new discoveries and scientific advancements have been increasingly supporting the richly detailed historic and scientific information that is contained in The Urantia Book.

Issues related to history, archeology, genetics, astronomy, geology, physics, paleontology and biology are discussed in The Urantia Book. A comprehensive history of our planet is given that begins with the birth of our solar system and the formation of the planets. It chronicles the evolution of life from the first single celled organisms to the dawn of humanity and then recounts the one million year history of human beings.

The Urantia Book is not just a book about history and science. An exquisite theology, cosmology, and philosophy are presented. It also provides an extensive recounting of Jesus’ life on earth. Not only does it cover all the years of his life, but also gives substantial background on the time period and the other people who played a key role in his life.

However, The Urantia Book's theology is not the focus of this site. In an effort to correlate new discoveries and scientific advancements with information in The Urantia Book, occasionally some information needs to be provided that touches upon these other subjects. But for the most part, this is not necessary.

How is it possible for The Urantia Book to demonstrate a consistent pattern of being ahead of new discoveries and scientific progress for over fifty years?

The accuracy of The Urantia Book, from an internally consistent perspective, is rooted in the claim that "angels" are responsible for its authorship. Whether or not you believe that this is possible or true, whether or not you even believe in God, if you care about having a source of information about our world that exhibits a phenomenally unique and objectively verifiable quality of credibility, you may want to consider becoming more familiar with The Urantia Book.

The information in The Urantia Book remains the same. The contributions that new discoveries and scientific developments make to our appreciation of history and material reality is ever changing. The UBtheNEWS project systematically documents how we are catching up to The Urantia Book. Some issues are quite simple and/or are reasonably settled topics among scholars and scientists. Other issues regarding The Urantia Book’s relationship to scholarship and science are more complex and/or unsettled. 

If it is important to you that the writings you go to for inspiration and information about God and spirituality are in harmony with the facts of material reality, then The Urantia Book is the place to go for this type of satisfaction.

This is simply an effort to encourage appreciation for the unique quality of credibility that is emerging with The Urantia Book. There is no need join anything or to buy anything; the entire book is available for free online. There is no charismatic leader or authoritative institutions associated with The Urantia Book. No one is getting rich off of it, but many people have found The Urantia Book to be very enriching.




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