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Star Power is intended to provide visitors with an appreciation of the famous people who have become associated with The Urantia Book over the years. There is no suggestion by the inclusion of this information that The Urantia Book is any more credible on an objective level because of these associations. Nor is it suggested that all the people listed are or were "believers" in The Urantia Book. If people have had at some point or currently do have some degree of appreciation for The Urantia Book, then they qualify for being on this list.

Objective credibility is, of course, an impersonal, hard facts issue. Objective credibility is what the reports are all about. Star Power is included simply because we are people. Personal credibility matters to whatever degree we make it matter. Notwithstanding that Star Power is not substantive, is highly subjective and is, well, personal, it is nonetheless an issue that we humans tend to appreciate for whatever personal reasons we have for doing so. If you know of anyone that you think should be added to Star Power, please get in touch.  Email Halbert regarding entries for this list.





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Sir Hubert Wilkins (1888-1958)

As part of an introduction to his biography, The Last Explorer by Simon Nasht (2006), Jeannette Seaver writes:

Hubert Wilkins was a celebrated newsreel cameraman, reporter, pilot, spy, war hero, scientist, and adventurer, but his greatest accomplishments were as an explorer. In fact, if greatness is measured in square miles, Wilkins was the most successful explorer in history, for no one has seen with his own eyes more undiscovered land and sea. He was also the first to fly across the North Pole, which won him a knighthood and many honors, including a tickertape parade in New York. The New York Times called it "the greatest flight in history." He was the first to fly to the Antarctic, and the first to discover land by airplane. He was the first to take a submarine under the polar ice. He proved that no continent underlies the North Pole. He was the first truly modern explorer, who recognized the importance for discovery of new technologies, like the airplane, submarine, and motion picture camera. A visionary, he also grasped the link between the poles and changing global weather, and was a pioneer in weather forecasting and the study of global warming.

From The Last Explorer:

Sir Hubert Wilkins became a steadfast supporter of the Urantia Movement, and his cheque for $1000 was the first money to go towards the publication costs of The Urantia Book. According to Dr. Sadler it became "Sir Hubert's personal religious philosophy. He came to see us [in Chicago] every year or two, spending two or three weeks reading, studying and making notes." Wilkins would read for up to ten hours a day then spend long evenings with Dr. Sadler and his wife in "very deliberate discussions of the teachings of the Urantia Papers."1 Asked once by a Urantia devotee how he tested the validity of the book, he responded succinctly: "It's utter consistency with itself."2 3

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  3. The Last Explorer by Simon Nasht (2006), page 278.

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