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Star Power is intended to provide visitors with an appreciation of the famous people who have become associated with The Urantia Book over the years. There is no suggestion by the inclusion of this information that The Urantia Book is any more credible on an objective level because of these associations. Nor is it suggested that all the people listed are or were "believers" in The Urantia Book. If people have had at some point or currently do have some degree of appreciation for The Urantia Book, then they qualify for being on this list.

Objective credibility is, of course, an impersonal, hard facts issue. Objective credibility is what the reports are all about. Star Power is included simply because we are people. Personal credibility matters to whatever degree we make it matter. Notwithstanding that Star Power is not substantive, is highly subjective and is, well, personal, it is nonetheless an issue that we humans tend to appreciate for whatever personal reasons we have for doing so. If you know of anyone that you think should be added to Star Power, please get in touch.  Email Halbert regarding entries for this list.





Visual Artists



Gustav Likan (1912-1998)

Artist and Professor of Art

Michael Likan, the only son of Gustav Likan assembled this portrait of his father, composed of Gustav Likan's paintings. Gustav was born 01 May 1912 in Srb, Lika, Croatia. He was known as the Father of Acrylics. His education includes the lst Real Gymnasium, in Zagreb, Croatia, with a diploma in 1926. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Munich, Germany, Paris, France, Rome, Italy, and Hague, Netherland from 1930 to 1937 with a specialty in artistic painting. He became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Bavaria, In 1950 he began a two year commission for Eva Peron, painting murals in all the Argentina schools. He became a professor at the Chicago Institute of the Fine Arts. It was during this time in Chicago that he and his wife became very interested in The Urantia Book. On Jesus' Birthday, 21 August 1962, Mr and Mrs Likan presented a beautiful portrait of Dr. William S Sadler to the Urantia Brotherhood. In 1963 he painted an "American Tragedy" depicting the Kennedy family in mourning. In 1969 he moved to Austin, Texas. His paintings are in museums and galleries throughout Europe and the Americas. He published an autobiography, The Life and Times of Gustav Likan, in 1993. He died on 20 Oct 1998 in Austin, Texas.

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In Memoriam
On Sunday, October 18, painter Gustav Likan passed away. Likan was an artist of international reputation, whose career took him from his native Yugoslavia to the Argentina of Eva Peron, for whom he painted murals, to Chicago, where he taught at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and where his lushly colored canvases earned him the title "father of acrylics," to Austin, where he and his wife Barbara moved after hearing it praised by none other than Madalyn Murray O'Hair. (They met during a vacation to Mexico in 1969.) But despite a prominent career outside this area, Likan's impact on the Austin arts scene may be best measured by the 11 years he taught art at Laguna Gloria Art Museum. He served as an influence on hundreds of local artists and art lovers, inspiring them with his love of and flair for bold, vivid hues. Though he left teaching behind almost 20 years ago, Likan continued to paint until the day he died. He spent part of Sunday at work on a canvas in his West Lake Hills home. Cause of death was unknown at press time. Likan was 88 years old.


Robert Venosa (1936-2011)

Robert Venosa (January 21, 1936 - August 9, 2011) was an American artist residing in Boulder, Colorado, USA. He studied with what are termed the New Masters. His artworks reside in collections around the world.


"In having the blessing of The Urantia Book enter my world back in 1968, I was transported into a realm of transcendent consciousness that elevated every concept I held about the universal mysteries and my own reasons for existence. Upon reading the book, I was soon to be shaken to my core and awakened to my higher self through visitations that can only be described as celestial and/or angelic, which directed me to pick up the paintbrush and begin to channel and manifest the forms and colors that would provide glimpses of other-worldly architecture and celestial beings. That was 40 years ago, and I am still deeply inspired to continue the elusive pursuit of giving shape to the formless and definition to the indescribable. Along the way, The Urantia Book and its high-velocity intelligence, wisdom and spirit-enhancement, has been a source of unending inspiration for my art, my life, and my ultimate goal of passing through infinity and basking in the light and presence of our Divine Source and Center." Robert Venosa

Robert Venosa is internationally recognized as one of the outstanding masters of "Fantastic" art. (

Born in New York City, Venosa was transported into the world of fine art in the late 60's after having experimented with psychedelics and having seen the work of the Fantastic Realists - Ernst Fuchs and Mati Klarwein in particular - both of whom he eventually met and studied under. Of his apprenticeship with Klarwein, Venosa says, "What a time (Autumn, 1970) that turned out to be! Not only did I get started in proper technique, but at various times I had Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Jackie Kennedy and the good doctor Tim Leary himself peering over my shoulder to see what I was up to." Venosa moved to Europe in the early 70's settling in the celebrated Mediterranean village of Cadaques in Spain, where he got to know Salvador Dali.

In 1971 Venosa was asked to design the ABRAXAS album cover - which he did in collaboration with Mati Klarwein - as well as the SANTANA lettering, which, besides winning numerous design awards, has become one of the most recognized logos worldwide. In all, Venosa has designed more than 50 album covers for a number of labels, including CBS/Columbia, Blue Note, and Mercury, among others.

The transcendent, otherworldly quality of Venosa's art fits perfectly into the Sci-Fi genre of film design. Dune, Fire in The Sky, and Race For Atlantis are three movies for which Venosa has created his unique style of conceptual design. Race For Atlantis is an animatronic, 3-D adventure projected onto an 85-foot screen in a custombuilt theater at Ceaser's Palace in Las Vegas.

Presently Venosa maintains studios in both Boulder, Colorado, and Cadaques. He also devotes a few weeks each year giving workshops at such institutes as Naropa in Boulder, Skyros Institute on the island of Skyros in Greece, and Esalen at Big Sur, California.

The Fantastic Realism art of Robert Venosa has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in major collections, including those of noted museums, rock stars and European aristocracy. In addition to painting, sculpting and film design, he has recently added computer art to his creative menu. His work has been the subject of three books, as well as being featured in numerous publications - most notably OMNI magazine - and on a number of CD covers, including those of Santana and Kitaro.

Quotes about Venosa's work notable individuals:

"Bravo Venosa! Dali is pleased to see spiritual madness painted with such a fine technique." Salvador Dali

"Robert Venosa's art truly captures the imprint of a spiritual force, each painting so alive, seeming to breathe, pulsate and stare back at you, challenging the viewer to also reach their highest potential." Carlos Santana

"Robert Venosa's imagery is a portal into the mescaline canyons of the imagination. His is an informed yet visionary grasp of the icons of the spiritual and erotic." Terence McKenna

"My wish for the coming age is that humanity becomes once again conscious of our spiritual union with the divine works of art - inspired creations by masters such as Robert Venosa." Dr. Albert Hofmann


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