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The Urantia Book exhibits an extraordinarily unusual characteristic regarding its relationship to history and science. For over fifty years new discoveries and scientific advancements have been increasingly substantiating, catching up to, the richly detailed historic and scientific information that is contained in The Urantia Book. Read more...


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There is a lot that can be said about The Urantia Book because it is over 2000 pages long and covers a lot of different topics- theology, cosmology, philosophy, the history of our planet. Read more ...


More Introductory Material

UBtheNEWS timeline Urantia BookThe last ten years of new discoveries and scientific advances have been especially good to The Urantia Book. This timeline provides an encapsulated survey of how we are increasingly catching up to its historic and scientific information.

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Short Introductory Video

Basic Slide Presentation Intro

Best History Reports

Gobekli Tepe

Adam and Eve

Creating Fire

Best Science Reports

Garden of Eden

Inner Ionosphere

Tycho's Nova

Things To Read In 2 Minutes

Urantia Book Quotes About Science

Report Summaries

Brief Written Intro

Plus 35 pages of highlights

Overview (Denison Uni. Syllabus)




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About This Project

UBtheNEWS is a family operated project that welcomes participation and support. Along with providing introductory and other educational information, we document The Urantia Book’s emerging and unique quality of credibility to encourage exploration of the whole book. This project does not receive support from the publishers of The Urantia Book or any other Urantia Book-related organizations.




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