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The reports--no brackets--are written for people who are unfamiliar with both The Urantia Book and the specific topic pertaining to the report.

Research pages [in brackets] presume a general familiarity with both The Urantia Book and the topic pertaining to the research.


Timeline Listing of Reports

Pre Human History


Pangaea to Plate Tectonics

Sierra Mountains

[Lemurs to Humans]

[Ocean Origin]

[Oldest Rock]

Human History


1,000,000 to 500,000 years ago:

From the first human beings to just before  

the mutation that created the colored races.

Creating Fire

Early Migration to Britain

Early Migration to China

[Origin of Modern Man]


500,000 to 38,000 years ago:

From the colored races to just before the unique contribution of Adam and Eve.

Early Migration to the Americas

[Animal Domestication]

[Dog Domestication]

[Origin of Modern Man]


38,000 to 2,000 years ago:

From Adam and Eve to just before Jesus.

Adam and Eve

Garden of Eden

Gobekli Tepe

Horsing Around

[Andites In South America]

[Animal Domestication]

[Dog Domestication]

[Eye, Hair, and Skin Color]

[Farming In Europe]

[Tarim Basin Mummies]

[Origin of Modern Man]


2000 years ago to present:

From Jesus to The Urantia Book.

Shroud of Turin

Tycho's Nova


Mercury's Rotation



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